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Pro-Jump Exo Elite Jumping Stilts other brands include Speedjumper Redoxx, PoweriZer upwings, UpwingZ, Air Runner, Flying locust 3rd gen, Powerisers, PoweriZers, Skyrunners, 7leagueboots, 7 leagues, 7 mile boots, Kangaroo shoes, Raptors, s-Rex, T-rex Pro-Jump Jumping Stilts | Bouncy stilts other brands include Velocity Stilts, Powerisers, PoweriZers, Skyrunners, 7leagueboots, 7 leagues, 7 mile boots, Kangaroo shoes Junior ProJumps, Projump jumping stilts, spring stilts, bouncy stilts, fun pogo stilts, zurich stilts - Genuine Powerbocks with patent protection - Low prices - Cheapest Jumping Stilts Extreme sports, Power Bocking, Powerbocking, Powerbockers get together and have fun! Pro-Jumping is having fun using Pro-Jump jumping stilts!

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Pro-Jump Exo Pro Jumping Stilts Pro-Jump Exo Jumping Stilts, not powerisers or flyjumpers or powerstriders Pro-Jump Junior C-Series Jumping Stilts 2012
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MUST WATCH TV: Did you spot Pro-Jump Exo Jumping Stilts during the welcoming opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics - Let us know on the Pro-Jump Forum!
Channel 4 - Pro-Jump Jumping Stilts were filmed for Home of the Future. Future home looks at how gadgets of the future may transform the way in which you live.
Also watch Ian Jamieson in action on Sky 1's Gadget Geeks where they check out Pro-Jump Stilts in Action! Did you watch celebs on
Famous and Fearless PowerBocking? Celebs including Gold Olympic Medal winner Dame Kelly Holmes; former EastEnders favourite Kacey Ainsworth; actor and Hollyoaks star Sarah Jayne Dunn; and TV presenter and former Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost were on Pro-Jump Exo Jumping Stilts.


Pro-Jump homeProJump Forum - Share news, pics, videos, stories, tips & tricksBuy Pro-jump stilts here (similar stilts AKA Powerisers, powerizer, 7league boots, velocity stilts, fly jumpers etc)Buy Pro-Jump spare parts here. Our parts may also fit Poweriser, powerizer, fly jumper, sky runner, and other brand jumping stilts tooSafety Gear for Pro-jumppers, Powerbockers and extreme sportsSee Extreme Powerbocking, Projump, Poweriser, Powerizer and other stilts in action!
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Pro-Jump safety gear and protective items can be found here. Ideal for use when Powerbocking or Pro-Jumping and with extreme sports.
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Powerskips - UKGoodDeals now stock Powerskip and Powerskip Pro Jumping Stilts. Powerskip UK Children in Need Bocking Charity events - Powerbockers jumping & bouncing for children in Need - Invicta Bockerz Bocking Bonanza and Welsh Bockers Jump-a-thon! Children in Need Guiness Record Breakers on Spring Jumping Stilts like Pro-Jumps, Powerisers, PoweriZers, 7leagues, Powerskips etc Click here to register interest in our new 3rd gen Pro-Jump Elites. AKA PoweriZer upWings, UpwingZ, Air runner, Speedjumper Redoxx jumping stilts with calf cuffs. Powerskips - UKGoodDeals now stock Powerskip and Powerskip Pro Jumping Stilts. Powerskip UK
Buy Adult Pro-Jump and Junior Projump spare parts here. Our parts should also fit other stilt brands namely Powerizer, fly Jumper, sky runner, Pro  jumpers. Some parts may also fit Powerskips, velocity stilts, 7leagues, Poweriser etc.
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 European customers can now order Pro-Jump Jumping Stilts directly from us. Click here to find out more information on what countries we can post to!

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PRICE REDUCTIONS  on Pro-Jump Advanced Calf Cuffs and Upgraded Bindings which can now be brought as a set or individually. The new Pro-Jump Stilt Bundles make Pro-Jump stilts a better choice than PoweriSer Advance 08 jumping stilts value & performance wise. There is only limited availability on the Pro-Jump Calf Cuffs and Pro-Bindings so make sure you get yours asap.

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Powerbocking Pro jumping info

Powerbock is the general name used for spring loaded jumping stilts after the original inventor and patent holder Alexander Boeck.
Powerbocking or Pro-Jumping refers to the activity / sport of using these jumping stilts.
Powerbockers or Pro-Jumpers refers to the user using the spring loaded jumping stilts.

Pro-Jump is the name given to our brand of powerbocks. Projump stilts are created using patent protected technology and are provided at an unbeatable price. Pro-Jump are fully authorised by the original inventor Alexander Boeck and can be sold under the trademark Pro-Jump.

There are lots of advantages of using Pro-Jump stilts, some are listed below:
>> Lots of
>> Enables you to jump 6ft high
>> Enables you to run 25mph+
>> Provides a cardio-vascular workout
>> Aids weight loss and burns lots of calories
>> Strengthens and tones the body's core muscles
>> Lowers cholesterol levels
>> And did I mention... Lots of FUN (has to be said twice because it really is!)

It may look difficult but its not! Generally it takes no longer than 30 min's to start walking on your own. Initially you may like to have a friend or wall handy just in case! Please visit for more start up tips and tutorials.

There is a handy chart and a full explanation on our forum. Please see here

and pictures can be found on this site, on the ProJumpForum and on places like youtube. The stilts have also been featured on national tv click here to read more and see videos. They were seen on the BBC1 Jonathan Ross show where Brucie from the display team did a stage act using Pro-Jump branded stilts. Also Some Pro-Jumps were given away on the BBC2 Children's Smile TV show. Swebounce also performed on some Powerskip jumping stilts on graham nortons "When will I be famous?" show.


On this site we sell Pro-Jump / ProJump Jumping Stilts only.
However there are other jumping stilt brands which are similar in design some names include :* Poweriser * Powerizer * Power Skips * Skyrunners * Fly Jumper * Flying Jumpers * Sky high boots * Velocity Stilts * Running Stilts * Rocket Shoes * Kangaroo Shoes * Bouncy Stilts * Street Jumpers * Speed Jumpers * 7Milesboots *Power Shoes * Pogo Stilts * Powerskippers * 7 leagues etc


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Pro-Jump stilts are original patent protected jumping stilts, bouncing stilts, powerbocks. Similar stilts are aka Powerisers, Powerizers, PowerStrider, Jolly Jumper, 7 League boots, fly jumpers, powerskips. velocity stilts, skyrunners, poweriser, powerizer, 7mileboot, Olympic, Jolly jumpers. We only sell Pro-Jump.

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